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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Do I have to have an electric bill?

Mankind, a race doomed to extinction due to its own self destruction. A race effected by mass media, television, discrimination, segregation, and intimidation is on a one way course with history. This race must ultimately come to an end to make way for a new race that is emerging everywhere. Humankind! Yes humankind, a people who are not lost to the ways of those who have passed before us. We are a people of unity, kindness, and love. We share positive memories of joy and happiness. We also show those who are in need of the two. Humankind will pave the way to the future in finding ways to live with our planet and not against it. Our home, Earth, is round and represents a circle of life. From the air we breathe to the water we drink to the ground we lay to, we will all eventually be in these circles over and over again. We can learn a lot from the pioneers who first settled in this country and also those native to it. They learned to live with the land and learn from it. They learned if they take care of their land that the land will in return take care of them. An everlasting kinship can be created right in our very own homes. We can start by walking outside and looking at our yards and the ones next to it. Look at how the land moves. Can this be altered to better manage storm run-off? If so, can we divert it to a container and reuse the water? Do I have to have an electric bill? Do I have to have a water bill? Can I grow my own food? These are the questions we has humankind should start asking ourselves. Our ability to adapt and create and overcome is our defining characteristic has human beings. This instinct knows no color, personality type, nor gender. It is equally the same in all of us. We as a people can unite and overcome any adversity. By thinking this way we can enhance our lives and the ones of those around us by making everyone and everything more efficient. If your car is more efficient it burns less gas, if your home is more efficient it uses less power, if you manage your water you will use less of it. This will ultimately save you money like you wouldn't believe. There is no cure all to making money. There is a cure all to saving it. We need to start asking the right questions and start making our homes and lives more environmentally friendly. This is a win-win in every regard. Research and find ways that are free to save green by being green. My blogs sole purpose is to do this for you. Some things are more expensive and harder to do than others. But my point is if you start doing a bunch of little things consistently that they will all add up to a big difference. Mankind is inevitably going to die out. Humankind is slowly taking its place. Let us all start today even and start making a difference for you, for me, and for everyone for generations to come.

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