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Sunday, March 3, 2013

42 ways to help elimnate your electric bill

I have compiled a list of ways to reduce your electric bill to almost nothing. All of these techniques are environmentally friendly. Some items that are listed have a higher initial cost then others but all of them will generate a return on your investment in one to two years. Keep in mind these are only suggestions but I have personally tested each item and it does work. Also these are only some ideas and not all of them. Enjoy your savings……

1.Convert all light bulbs to (CFL) Compact florescent light

2.Use rechargeable batteries instead of one’s for one time use

3.Replace lights that are used most often with LED bulbs

4.Caulk inside and outside of all your home’s doors and windows

5.Tint windows that have the most sunlight come through them or rooms that are
having trouble staying cool or warm.

6.Replace thermostats with a digital one

7.Make sure all thermostats on located out of direct sunlight and on a wall close to the center of the house.

8.Use diverted air on indoor vents to help direct air flow

9.Use only the cheap air filters for your A/C

10.Make sure you have your HVAC system checked regularly for optimum performance

11.Use only Energy Star rated appliances

12.Put all electronic devices on power strips so you can make sure they are off when you are not using them (this includes your computer)

13.Unplug phone charger from wall when you are not charging your phone

14.Turn off the lights when you leave a room

15.Use gray duct tape to repair any rips or tears in your duct work for your heating and air system

16.Make sure your heat pumps outside are in an open area with a breeze and also not in direct sunlight

17.Make sure your heating and air system is large enough to heat and cool your home.

18.Dig a drain pond in your yard for storm water run-off

19.Use rock, shells, or anything similar to create border around the base of your home to aid in water run-off

20.Move the dirt around in your yard to create a plane that diverts all storm water run-off to your drain pond

21.Fill old pasta jars with distilled water and place them in the fill tank on the back of every toilet in your home

22.Plant flowers and shrubs that are native to the area you live in

23.Make sure your home has soffit vents and roof vents

24.Consider using a clothes line to dry your clothes instead of the dryer

25.Locate the water heater breaker on your panel box and switch it off when no one is home

26.Make sure you insulate your attic floor

27.Consider investing in solar power or solar heated water

28.Insulate the back of your garage door

29.Insulate and drywall your garage (this makes a huge difference!)

30.Do not buy a plug in hybrid car unless you want your power bill to soar all this car does is move the problem from one industry to another

31.Watch less TV and do more activities

32.Make things instead of buying them whatever you can

33.Grow your own food instead of planting flowers throughout your home plant food like corn, apples, etc…

34.Invest in a gutter system to help control storm water run-off

35.Use rain barrels to recycle rain water for your garden or other things

36.If you have a fireplace……use it!

37.Invest in a compost barrel to recycle organic matter. It goes in the corner of your yard and you fill it with only organic matter (food leftovers, peels, etc.) and in a little while it will convert it to some of the best fertilizer you have ever seen.

38.Replace all plumbing fixture with low flow water fixture. Easiest and cheapest to start with are shower heads. Only $5.00 at any hardware store. (Buy local!!!!)

39.Place bowls of ice in your refrigerator to help your fridge run less

40.Consider replacing carpet with hard surfaces. Mopping and sweeping doesn't use electricity however the average vacuum cleaner will pull 4 amps or more

41.Consider not having a giant home theater system. The speakers on the TV work just fine. Think about the fact that when you have your A/V receiver, cable receiver, TV, and sub woofer on you are pulling anywhere from 4 to 8 amps depending on how big your system is. I know that when you combine a 42 in TV, with a 700watt Harmon Kardon receiver, with a direct TV receiver plus a powered sub woofer you can pull almost 6 amps! Keep in mind the whole room is on one 20 amp breaker and you are using a 1/3 of it just to watch TV.

42.Consider using a French press instead of a coffee maker. (I still haven’t listened to my own advice on this one. You may take away my surround sound but do not touch my coffee.)

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